versace eros review: is it worth the hype

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A good review must first understand Eros the god. Son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, Eros is an expression of male sexual power and fertility.

Hailed as one of best high end colognes in the market, it's aromatic, mild and designed for any modern man who wants to smell good.

The Eros Scent

Versace Eros features an aromatic fougere fragrance.  Overall, its fragrance is unique and is bound to bring a masculine touch to the wearer.

It smells classic, but not old fashioned. The sharpness is balanced by a sweetness that could easily be overdone if spritzed too liberally.

Who Would Like It?

This cologne would suit confident, up and coming men in early adulthood, or a late teenager transitioning into their twenties.

Eros for Men is best suited to more temperate conditions, as hot weather can bring out an undesired sweetness in the scent.

When & Where to Wear It?

Read the article now for more on Versace Eros, including -  scent notes, performance and pros and cons.

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