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The most expensive perfume in the world costs over one million dollars, but that’s out of the price range for most. So we're going to cover some of colognes that won’t put you into a lifetime of debt.

The cost of of these super high end colognes will vary depending on where they’re sold. But if you’re a cologne enthusiast, one of these will undoubtedly spark your interest, even if they’re quite pricey. 

Best For Warmer Months Tom Ford Neroli Portofino 

If you want a cologne that is sunshine in a bottle, look no further. This cologne has an aggressive sour punch with a refined aroma.

Best For Bold Sillage Clive Christian No. 1

This could easily be considered the most expensive cologne at close to a thousand dollars. It’s a beautiful powdery scent with floral and spicy notes.

Best For Nighttime Dubai Emerald Bond No. 9

Woody, leathery, and rosy, with amber. The luxurious, star-shaped bottle compliments glass flacons and gold metal as represented on Arabic palaces. 

If one of these colognes caught your eye, read the article for more pricey colognes, their scent profiles plus pros and cons. Who knows - you might even feel like you deserve to smell like a king.

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