Versace Eros  vs  Dylan Blue: Ultimate Comparison

Both Eros and Dylan Blue are completely unique scents that will stand out in any setting - from the boardroom to the party. But which is best for you? 

Best for Play

Versace Eros is a playful, fresh scent with sweet notes of vanilla and mint. It’s utterly unique from traditional male scents.

Best for Work

Dylan Blue is the more versatile of the two fragrances, matching a more traditional male scent. It works great in the office.

Dylan Blue opted for an earthier scent where Eros was all herbs and brightness.

Both of these colognes are showstoppers. Eros offers a sweeter, greener scent, and Dylan Blue is a more classic, aquatic scent.

Read the article for more on both of these iconic scents, including pros and cons, note comparisons and personal impressions of each.

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