Fragrance Vocabulary: Dictionary to Perfume

Most people appreciate a good fragrance, but very few can truly describe it accurately. Scent has a vocabulary all its own.

We’ve covered the commonly used terms every fragrance aficionado should know – from ambergris to ylang-ylang.

Fragrance notes are scent compounds used to make up the perfume or cologne. These are usually grouped into key fragrance families.

This is the largest and most popular women’s scent family. It's also gaining popularity in men’s fragrances. They range from very sweet and strong to light and sophisticated. 

Floral Fragrance Family

The seductive end of the fragrance chart. Based on rich and exotic spices, they are warm sensual - ranging from powdery to dry, spicy, and even gourmand.

Amber Fragrance Family

These are the most popular base for men’s colognes. For women these scents are often worn by those who love to be outdoors.

Woody Fragrance Family

The most varied family ranging from fruity, green, aquatic, citrus and aromatic. It's based on fresh, lively, organic scents. 

Fresh Fragrance Family

Read the article for more on each of the scent families, plus a dictionary on Fragrance Notes, longevity and more.

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