jŌvan musk has it stood the test of time?

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We take an in-depth look at this enduring and best-selling scent from Jovan. Is it outdated? Is it too strong? Is it worth buying?

If musk is your thing Jovan Musk performs well and it's affordable. You get moderate sillage, excellent projection, and between 3-6 hours of longevity.



Musk enhances a cologne's sensual nature. It also allows the bright, more aggressive scent notes to appear more radiant and diffusive, giving them an alluring sexy appeal.

Who Makes It?

The cologne has been around almost as long as Jovan has—since 1973, to be exact. Murray Moscona created the first Jovan Musk oil that gained traction and became one of the best-selling drugstore picks.

Who Would Like It?

Jovan Musk's ideal for men who aren’t fussy about cologne. If you like musk and you like smelling “manly,” but you don’t want to spend a fortune - you may want to try this one.

The excellent thing about this cologne is its versatility. You can wear it pretty much anywhere. Lots of men use it daily, and it’s well-suited to casual wear or even a date.

When & Where to Wear It?

Don’t be afraid to try Jovan Musk. It may open the door for you to understand why this note has captivated many for centuries.

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