BEST MEN'S AFTERSHAVE  for the love of  shaving 

While aftershave and cologne are often used to refer to men's fragrances, generally aftershaves have a lighter scent and shorter longevity than colognes.

More recently, options like aftershave lotions, balms and alcohol-free options have been developed that are more skin-friendly.

Best For Work Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Versace Man Eau Fraiche is a men's aftershave that's light and subtle fragrance that is great for work or professional settings.

Terre D'Hermes men's aftershave is a great scent for almost any occasion, from casual to date night, work to going out.

Best Versatile Terre D'Hermes Aftershave Lotion

Best for Casual Wear Eternity for Men

Similarly, the Calvin Klein Eternity After Shave scent is crisp, clean, and slightly soapy.

Traditionally aftershave was an alcohol-based antiseptic designed to disinfect small shaving nicks. But aftershaves have grown to be one of the staples of men's grooming.

If one of these aftershaves caught your eye - read the article for more of our favorites including the best overall and the runner up on the list.

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