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Starting A Vintage Perfume Bottle Collection

Starting A Vintage Perfume Bottle Collection

When you are deciding to collect vintage perfume bottles it is important to learn what characterizes a vintage perfume bottle. There are several ways to go about collecting perfume bottles. One of the ways to start your collection is to start by collecting from a specific brand.

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This is a good way to collect if you want to start small. These are generally easier to track down. Another way to start a collection is to start collecting by era. This can get expensive depending on the rarity of a bottle and how old it is.

By Brand

An easy way to start your collection is to choose a brand that is easily available and mass produced. One of the most popular brands of perfume are the perfumes produced by Avon. These kind of perfume bottles are easy to get since many people have old Avon perfume bottles lying around. This is an inexpensive way to start collecting vintage perfume bottles.

Chanel No. 5 is an iconic perfume and if you would like to start your vintage perfume bottle collection by collecting specific brands then there’s no going wrong with this classic bottle. The Chanel No. 5 perfume spray bottle it should be noted has not changed much over the years. However older bottles have been known to retail at more than a $100.

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By Era

Choosing to group your collection by era can be expensive. Especially when you are looking for older bottles. Bottles from the 1880’s are unique in that they sometimes doubled as jewelery. So intricate and beautiful are vintage perfume bottles from this era that they can still be used as jewelery today.

The value of a vintage perfume bottle can increase depending on the materials that go into making it. Victorian era vintage perfume bottles are very valuable. Not only because of how old they are but the extensive use of gold to decorate perfume bottles from the Victorian age. It should be noted that such bottles can be very expensive and are hard to find.

Starting A Vintage Perfume Bottle Collection

Hand painted bottles are also valuable and were popular in the early 1900’s. You may not want to collect a type of bottle simply because it is very expensive. A bottle might be valuable but you may not like the way it looks. Don’t worry about this, let your taste guide what goes into your collection and not price and value alone. After all what’s a collection worth if you don’t like it?