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Perfume for Men Vs Mens Fragrances

Perfume for Men Vs Mens Fragrances

Men like to smell good just like women. This is where there is such a wide variety of perfume for men available for you to choose from. From high end Eau de Toilette por Homme to the drugstore variety of men’s body sprays; men’s fragrances are hotter than ever. Much like when a woman chooses the fragrance of her choice, the choice of perfumes for men can be difficult to make, if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

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For instance, when you’re shopping for perfume for men, you should consider what type of guy your man is. Is he rugged and manly? If so, then you’ll probably want to shop for men’s perfume that has a fresher, woodsy smell. Look for warm bottom notes, such as sandal wood, cedar wood and oak moss. These tend to not be as sweet smelling as other men’s fragrances. It’s a good idea to choose a scent that works for every day for your man and one that is a little fancier for the evening.

So you have a sporty, casual type of guy to shop for? No problem, there is plenty of perfume for men that is clean and fresh. Some have citrus-y smells, some smell like fresh air and the outdoors, so really it’s a matter of his preference. You will be amazed at the wide variety of sporty fresh perfumes for men that are available for you to choose.

When you buy perfume for men, you should try shopping with your guy before you buy. Have him try a couple of fragrances before you commit, because, just like when a woman is shopping for fragrances, different chemistries can cause different smells. So, not every fragrance will smell the same on every person. By giving him a chance to sample the fragrances you’re thinking of buying, you will be able to make sure that you choose a fragrance that he wants to wear.

Perfume for Men Or Mens Fragrances

Your options in perfume for men are pretty much limitless, because once you begin shop; you will find that there are literally thousands of fragrances for men. When you’re shopping for designer fragrances, don’t get discouraged by the price, because, as you well know, a little often goes a long way. If your guy has never really worn a fragrance before, it’s important to teach him how to wear it and make sure he doesn’t wear too much, as men’s fragrances can quickly become overpowering.

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Most importantly, when you’re shopping for perfume for men, don’t stop at the first fragrance you smell. Instead, look for something that reflects his personality perfectly. Think of the type of man you’re shopping for and close your eyes when you smell a fragrance so you can see if it makes you think of your man.