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Perfume Bottles Can Be Antique, Colored Glass, Crystal or More

Perfume Bottles Can Be Antique, Colored Glass, Crystal or More

When you are set to purchase a new perfume, the perfume bottle is just as much a part of the decision as the actual scent. Some are extremely elaborate and add to the high cost of the perfume itself. There are different types of bottles which appeal to different consumers and collectors. Pricey crystal or glass bottles along with bottles reminiscent of a bygone era are popular. Even when they no longer contain the perfume, there are antique perfume bottles which collectors hold on to. They are simply too lovely to not keep and treasure. Displaying these bottles as more than a vessel for your favorite scent is a unique way to treasure them. Bottles which originate from France are currently considered prize collections.

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You can find very elaborate and distinct perfume bottles which are now popular as wedding favors. These are sometimes the old fashioned style of bottles which have a ball on the end of a tube which you gently squeeze. This style perfume bottle harkens back to an age of sophistication and class. This also allows the scent to linger around the room. There are also more traditional bottles in which you lightly dab the perfume on your wrist. Many of this kind will have specially adorned tops and applicators so you can apply the perfume on other areas not just the wrist. Perfume smells equally alluring if applied to the neck, chest, or other areas.

Colored glass or crystal is used just as much as clear glass is. Some are lovely shades of rose and other soothing hues such as greens and blues. This will give your collector bottles a unique and timeless appearance. Different shaped tops and bottles are also fun to have, for they really make a perfume bottle unique. You might different animals delicately carved out of glass, such as birds and butterfly’s. These can adorn the tops of unique bottles.

Perfume Bottles Can Be Antique

You may find various shaped bottles for display. Hearts are common, especially with a flower carved out of the topper as if it were blooming from it. Arrows stemming from hearts is also a beautiful ornamental designed. One popular and beautiful design you might see is a little provocative. The lovely hourglass shape of some bottles is directly modeled after a woman’s body. Jewelry carvings are also ornately around some bottles. Miniature statues and other displays of artistry also make some perfume bottles more than just a holder of scents. Several classy scents will even come with other bottles to mix the perfume between, giving you more options to disperse and enjoy every drop of its essence.

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