Patti LaBelle Perfumes – A Review

The iconic Patti LaBelle may hold a reputation as the “queen of rock and soul music,” but singing isn’t her only talent or interest.

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In fact, since the 1990s, Patti has partnered with the cosmetics brand Flori Roberts to release self-titled fragrances.

Patti’s namesake perfumes include Signature Patti LaBelle and Patti LaBelle Girlfriend, though lotions and other fragrances were formerly part of the collection.

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Today, the perfumes can be tough to track down (and even more expensive to purchase), but they’re also a longtime fan favorite in the fragrance world.

Who Makes It?

Flori Roberts started with a makeup artist who wanted to create products for women of color. But Flori Roberts, Inc. soon morphed into a big-name brand catering to African American women who needed diverse skincare and makeup options.

As Sarasota Magazine reported, Flori herself noted, “At fashion shows I was managing, I overheard black models complain that they had to mix multiple colors of makeup to match their skin tone. No one was making quality cosmetics for women of color and there was a need.”

That need grew into a niche that served women who felt ignored by bigger brands. And Patti LaBelle could relate.


In the ‘90s, Patti LaBelle was a Grammy-award-winning hit, but she also explored ventures in food (including cookbooks) and acting. Following in the footsteps of other stars, she also decided to launch a celebrity fragrance. Patti collaborated with Flori Roberts and never looked back.

Though Flori Roberts is a relatively small name in the beauty world, it’s been around since 1965. That meant the partner was perfect for Patti’s newest entrepreneurial interest, and the relationship has survived the test of time.

Today, Flori Roberts offers exclusive access to the Patti Labelle perfume line, though imitators have attempted to recreate both main scents. One way to buy these products is via an Avon-like experience through a Flori Roberts representative. We’ll also cover alternative purchasing options below.

Scent Notes

Patti LaBelle perfumes include Signature Patti LaBelle and Patti LaBelle Girlfriend. One is a mature and bold option, while the other is a sassy and adventurous selection.


Signature features a blend of Casablanca Lily and Vanilla Orchid. The combination is powerful, but it has a regal vibe – much like Patti herself. You’ll also notice hints of plum and coconut. Of course, the musky base is what offers the mature profile.

Patti LaBelle Girlfriend, on the other hand, is a crisp and green floral. Green tea and citrus make a sweet yet sultry combination that’s more youthful than the Signature blend. You’ll also catch a whiff of mimosa from Girlfriend, with Flori Roberts promising it can cool down “hot-headed” divas.

Packaging and Presentation

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Since Patti LaBelle perfumes haven’t seen a branding overhaul since the 1990s, the packaging is a bit dated. However, the Signature perfume does come in a shaped bottle with a crystal-look top, which will look fantastic on a retro vanity.

Finding an original bottle may be difficult, however, and the packaging seems to have undergone a few changes since its launch. Be wary of bottles that lack the Patti LaBelle label, as they may be copycats.

The Girlfriend Spray features a white bottle with subtle Patti LaBelle branding and a silver cap, which fits with other product designs from the ‘90s. In all honesty, there’s not much to see here.

Perfume towelette

Of course, some aspects of the perfume line from Patti LaBelle are innovative. You can find Patti LaBelle Girlfriend Fragrance Packettes for purchase. These single-use Eau du Parfum towelettes let you refresh on the go.

Despite the contemporary approach to perfume application, Flori Roberts seems to be the only retailer that carries the packets. Other brands offer similar packaging, though, making it easy to carry your favorite perfume with you anywhere.

Patti LaBelle Perfumes: Personal Impressions

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If you know anything about Patti LaBelle’s personality, you know that she likes to be seen. So, it’s understandable that her Signature scent would fit that persona.

The scent is sophisticated, but almost too mature for younger ladies. When you enter a room wearing Patti LaBelle Signature, people will know it. You can decide whether that’s a good or bad thing.

When it comes to Patti LaBelle Girlfriend, you’ll find a vastly different fragrance. Girlfriend is a green floral perfume with Mimosa flower hints (hailing from Provence).

A green tea aftertaste brings a little spice to the scent, making this Patti fragrance a much younger – and more exotic – choice. The vibrance of Girlfriend may make it too much for daytime wear, but it could be the perfect pick for elevating your evening ensemble.

When it comes to seasons other than spring or summer, consider an alternative perfume selection for winter to complement the crisp weather.


Both Patti LaBelle perfumes offer great performance. As noted, the Signature scent tends to linger, so you can lightly spritz and enjoy it for hours. With a heavier application, though, your neighbors might start coughing.

Girlfriend, on the other hand, is a long-lasting and more youthful fragrance that women like for a night out. It stays put with heavy sillage and keeps you fresh throughout the evening.

Who Would Like It?

While dividing ladies up by age isn’t ideal, Patti LaBelle seems to cater to two separate groups. Signature targets more mature women, including many grandmothers who say they’ve worn and loved the perfume for years.

On the other hand, Patti LaBelle Girlfriend is a favorite of younger ladies heading to the club. The youthful crowd’s preference for Girlfriend is understandable, and the one-time packet options are a staple for on-the-go application.

Similar Fragrances

Though Patti LaBelle perfumes have been around for ages, there aren’t many competitors for either Signature or Girlfriend. However, plenty of brands aim to duplicate the scent profile of Signature in fragrance oil.

You can find Patti LaBelle perfume oil that promises to mimic the scent of the authentic perfume, often in concentrated sizes.

If Patti LaBelle Girlfriend Spray doesn’t live up to your standards (or fit your budget), consider finding a new favorite product. There are many options – you just need to know what to look for when it comes to finding the best body spray for women.

What’s the Cost?

Patti LaBelle perfume is comparable in cost to other fragrances, with Signature costing $32 for 1.7 ounces.

The Girlfriend Packettes are an affordable buy, especially if you just want to try the scent, at $5 for 20 packs. The Girlfriend Spray is $42 for 3.4 ounces.

Where Can I Buy Patti LaBelle Perfume?

Since it’s been around since the ‘90s, Patti LaBelle perfume is almost a cult classic. In fact, it can be tough to find a bottle available for purchase. Further, Flori Roberts seems to control the sale of the collection, with its consultants hawking the products to an exclusive client list.

Hope is not lost, however. You can sometimes find Patti LaBelle perfumes on Amazon – albeit at a markup of their original cost. Or, you can seek a cheap or budget perfume alternative like Fragrant Body Oilz offer dupes for Patti LaBelle fragrance, too. If you’re unsure about investing in a full bottle of perfume, a Patti LaBelle body oil might be a decent compromise.  

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