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Paris Hilton Perfume

Paris Hilton Perfume

Perfume products branded with the name of a famous celebrity, are naturally branded with the name to generate massive amounts of sales. The name or brand is quite often the determining factor as to the sales potential of the perfume. The more famous the person, the better the product will sell.

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Paris Hilton Perfume Review

Paris Hilton Perfume on the other hand, is a name people will either love or. . . . Her name may actually harm the sales of this perfume. The Hilton Hotel heiress recently made headlines for a jail sentence, and some women reporters refused to interview Paris Hilton. These women are potential customers, so what does that tell you about having the Paris Hilton Perfume name sit on their dressing table?

Famous names, whether good press or bad, still sell perfumes and other products. Manufacturers know this too. Product review sites like give the Paris Hilton perfume more compliments than insults.

Reviews say it is a very feminine perfume, with sweet, almost candy like tones. This can work with some women’s body chemistry better than other perfumes.

Paris Hilton perfume was introduced to perfume lovers worldwide by Parlux fragrances. The perfume comes in a brilliant bottle and has been described as ‘looking like the illegitimate child of the Eiffel Tower, and a lamppost thrown into a plate glass window.’Despite the description, it is quite interesting, and can fit in with a lot of interior design instead of being hidden away in the bathroom medicine cabinet.

Paris Hilton Perfume

Paris Hilton Perfume Fragrance

Paris Hilton perfume comes in sprays of various sizes and in gift sets which include the perfume, bath and shower gel and body lotion. Designer perfumes can be very expensive, but the Paris Hilton perfume is not as expensive as the name may suggest.

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