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Learning About the Different Antique Perfume Bottles

There are some specialty stores that you can find which specialize in the selling of discontinued and antique perfume bottles, and so if you are an avid collector of either of these, then you are definitely going to want to check these places out for yourself. Collecting antique perfume bottles can not only be very fun and enjoyable, but as well it can be an incredibly valuable hobby, as antique perfume bottles run for a lot of money in the market these days.

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Antique Perfume Bottle Options

Antique perfume bottles are truly lovely, and there are definitely more than enough to choose from. For instance there is the huge Czech bohemian gold jewels Rococo perfume bottle, which is an absolutely gorgeous and stunning 1800s brass and cut faceted crystal sapphire jewels prong set into the filigree metal of the perfume bottle.

It was made for the boudoir of a lovely Victorian lady many years ago, and the bottle itself is covered in a fancy baroque rococo almost Italianate filigree metal work that appears to have been made of brass and chased with a gold wash or plate. This is a truly beautiful and eclectic antique perfume bottle, and there are also many others similar to it available on the market.

Another great option when it comes to antique perfume bottles is the antique silver top crystal perfume scent bottle, which is made of a beautiful Victorian metal and crystal glass, and the actual bottle is a silver metal covered with an ornate raised design of flowers, shells, and decorative foliate elements. The cap is also similar, and attached with chains to the cap is a simple metal top where, when uncovered, the wick comes through.

This is a true and unique antique perfume bottle, as you open the top in order to allow the perfume to permeate the room slowly and you simply cover the wick with the metal top once you are finished. The bottom has a hand-etched crystal stem on a crystal pedestal base which is particularly special, and it is covered with a band of ornate silver metal. The details on this bottle are amazing, and again, there are many similar antique perfume bottles like it available around the world.

Learning About the Different Antique Perfume Bottles

A Beneficial Hobby

So not only can you make yourself quite a bit of extra cash with a hobby such as this, but as well you can really have fun and enjoy yourself and that is the most important thing anyway. Just make sure that you are knowledgeable on the antique perfume bottle industry before going wild and spending too much money, so that you know you are actually buying antique bottles with value, and not just junk.

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Antique Perfume Bottles

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