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How Much Perfume Do You Apply?

It seems as if we’ve all had that time when we first started wearing fragrance that we simply applied way too much of it to our bodies. Instead of smelling great, we wound up smelling as if we had taken a bath in perfume.

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Apply Your Fragrance So It’s Not Over Powering

Even the best smelling perfumes and colognes can become overpowering, so it’s important to know how much you should apply for the perfect balance of just enough and too much.

The first thing that you need to know is that many good quality perfumes can easily become overpowering. Wear too much and you’ll certainly notice the way people look at you. The goal of fragrance is to extend a gentle haze of scent that trails delicately behind you. The idea is that you’ll turn heads everywhere you go. The reality is that you could very easily apply too much fragrance.

Tips To Applying Perfume

With a few simple tips, though, you can be applying your perfume like a pro. Remember that what smells good to you might not smell good to others so try to keep the amount of fragrance you wear at just less than you would like to be wearing. If you can smell just a touch of your scent every now and then you probably have enough on.

1. Perfume behind the ears can be way too much, especially if you’ve already applied it to your neck. Just a spray or dab on the wrists and on either side of the throat should be plenty to get you delightfully fragranced though the day.

2. For those days when you want to be lightly fragranced but don’t want to go without, you might want to just spray a mist and walk through it before you get dressed or apply your favorite perfume’s accompanying body lotion or wash. These are ways to allow yourself to still indulge in your favorite fragrance without overwhelming people.

3. Consider using an eau de toilette instead of a full powered perfume if you’re having a hard time keeping your fragrance in check. As a rule, eau de toilette is lighter and you can get away with applying a little more if you like. This is because most perfumes are made up almost entirely of the perfume oils, but eau de toilette is often pretty watered down which makes it lighter and more wearable. Another bonus is that eau de toilette is substantially less expensive than it’s more potent perfume counterpart.

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If you’re wondering how you can keep from overdoing your fragrance, remember that the warmer months will make any scent stronger, so keep it light and delicate and opt for an eau de toilette for these times. Save the perfumes for special occasions and use sparingly so that you can avoid burning the noses of those around you. You will master the fragrance rules when you remember that you want to charm them with a delicate whiff of your fragrance, not drown them in your expensive perfume.

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