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Captivating Aromas: 5 Must-Have Essential Oil Perfume & Why

To help you discover the best essential oils to use as a perfume, we asked five founders and co-founders about their favorites.

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From the unique scent and mood-lifting properties of bergamot to the delicate aroma and stress reduction benefits of neroli, here are their top essential oil perfume recommendations for a pleasant fragrance.

  • Bergamot: Unique Scent and Mood-Lifting
  • Lavender: Natural Aroma and Therapeutic Properties
  • Patchouli: Earthy Aroma and Stress Reduction
  • Sandalwood: Calming Scent and Mental Clarity
  • Neroli: Delicate Aroma and Stress Reduction

Essential Oil Perfume Picks


Bergamot: Unique Scent and Mood-Lifting

Bergamot essential oil from NOW Foods is a favorite choice as a perfume due to its unique, citrusy, and floral scent, setting it apart from traditional perfumes. The oil has mood-lifting and stress-reducing properties, making it an excellent choice for aromatherapy. 

Some cons include possible skin sensitivity to sunlight. The benefits of using bergamot oil as a perfume include reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. For example, when a few drops of the oil are blended with a carrier oil (such as coconut or jojoba oil) and applied to the wrists or neck, the refreshing scent can uplift the mood throughout the day.

Yoana Wong / Co-Founder / Secret Florists

Fernweh Editions Fern & Petals Candle


Lavender: Natural Aroma and Therapeutic Properties

Lavender essential oil, when used as a perfume, offers a natural and refreshing aroma that many find calming and uplifting. Unlike many synthetic fragrances, lavender essential oil is derived from natural sources and is often free of potentially harmful chemicals and additives. 

This can be particularly beneficial for those with sensitivities or allergies to conventional perfumes. Additionally, lavender has been traditionally associated with various therapeutic properties, including promoting relaxation and aiding sleep. 

Thus, wearing it as a perfume can not only make one smell pleasant but may also offer subtle aromatherapeutic benefits throughout the day. A highly affordable brand that is a personal favorite is Nikura.

– Eleanor B / Marketing Specialist


Patchouli: Earthy Aroma and Stress Reduction

Patchouli essential oil, specifically from the brand Aura Cacia, is a favorite choice for perfume due to its earthy notes and grounding aroma. Its pros include promoting a sense of peace and tranquility, while its cons include a strong scent that may not be preferred by everyone and its ability to stain fabrics. 

The benefits of using patchouli essential oil as a perfume include stress reduction and anxiety relief. It is great for meditation and relaxation practices. An example of how to use it would be to mix a few drops with a carrier oil like almond or jojoba and apply it to pulse points, such as wrists or neck, for a long-lasting fragrance that helps create a serene atmosphere.

Ben Lau / Founder / Featured SEO Company


Sandalwood: Calming Scent and Mental Clarity

My favorite essential oil to use as a perfume is sandalwood. It has a calming and soothing scent, which makes it perfect for winding down after a long day or when looking to relax before bed. 

The aroma of sandalwood can help reduce stress levels, but it can also cause irritation and sensitivities if used too much. One of its major benefits includes its ability to help improve focus and mental clarity—perfect if you’re working from home or studying for an upcoming exam.

James McNally / Managing Director / SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire]


Neroli: Delicate Aroma and Stress Reduction

Neroli essential oil from Rocky Mountain Oils is my favorite choice for using as a perfume. Its delicate and citrusy aroma promotes relaxation and reduces stress, while also offering anti-inflammatory properties. 

Although it can be quite expensive, the calming and soothing effects of Neroli oil make it a popular option for perfumes. Its benefits extend beyond fragrance, as it has been found to enhance emotional well-being and balance hormones. 

For example, a few drops of Neroli essential oil mixed with a carrier oil can create a refreshing perfume perfect for those seeking a sense of tranquility. However, it’s important to use it sparingly, as it can be overwhelming if used in excess.

Roy Lau / Co-Founder / 28 Mortgage

Final Thoughts

Our five scent-savvy experts have shared their aromatic insights so your selection of the perfect essential oil perfume should be a breeze.

Bergamot is just one of the essential oils that can lift your spirits with its one-of-a-kind citrusy-floral fusion. But there’s also neroli, with its delicate, stress-busting scent. Both have this magical ability to boost your mood and help you relax. 

essential oil perfume

Lavender, with its fresh and natural vibes, not only smells great but also works wonders by promoting relaxation and helping you catch some Z’s. Meanwhile, patchouli brings an earthy feeling that’s like a warm hug.

Sandalwood is the zen master here, not only for its calming properties but also because it helps clear the mental fog, making it a go-to when you need to buckle down and focus.

In a nutshell, as you embark on your aromatic adventure with essential oils as perfumes, keep these nuggets of wisdom in mind: go for scents that boost your mood, embrace the natural scents and you’ll be rewarded with therapeutic properties.

With these fragrant insights, you’re all set to create a scent that’s uniquely, wonderfully you. 

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