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Escada Perfume For Women and Escada Cologne For Men

Escada perfumes for men and women are the result of the marriage between a Swedish and Parisian model to a man named Wolfgang. The two met while on vacation and the fashion line of Escada was formed with the winnings on a race horse named Escada.

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In the years since its development, the Escada fashion and subsequent fragrance line has become one of the top names in luxury wear. With nearly 400 stores world wide, Escada has become a global sensation in very little time.

Their first fragrance to hit stores, Escada perfume has been said to be either lusted after or hated, depending on the tastes of the woman.

Despite the mixed reviews of this particular fragrance, it has been wildly popular and over the years has prompted more fragrances to join the line.

Escada perfume for women has notes of coconut, mandarin orange, hyacinth and peach, and includes scents of orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang and vanilla. It is finished with bottom notes of vanilla, sandalwood, musk and cedar.

This fragrance is described as being an oriental spicy fragrance and is complex and full of depth. While too heavy for some women, others can wear it not only well, but very well and this perfume has been described as a fragrance for the “working woman, with a bit of money”.

It is recommended that this perfume be worn in the evening, so if you’re looking for a fabulous scent for that special night out with the one you love, this is the scent for you. While most often, the age group of women who wear this fragrance is in their upper thirties to forties, this fragrance speaks of sophistication and ageless beauty.

Three years after the debut of Escada perfume for women, Escada cologne for man came along and it, too has taken the market by storm. Orange, lavender, cognac and allspice make this cologne a rich, spicy fragrance that will leave her swooning.

The rich scents of cinnamon, sandalwood, tonka bean and vanilla finish off this fragrance to round it out and warm it up. If you love the idea of rich, warm spicy fragrances, then this is likely the scent for you.

Much like its lovely lady’s counterpart, this scent is also oriental spicy and is recommended for use in the evening. This is a classic, classy scent that will leave you smelling sophisticated and rich.

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Whether you’re considering a night out to dinner with a lovely date, or you’re out with the guys, this cologne will beat others with its distinctive fragrance. This cologne also does well at evening business meetings, as it offers the smell of success and money, if the smell of money were sweet.

Escada Perfume For Women and Escada Cologne For Men

Looking to layer your fragrances? You should know that Escada perfumes for men and women are not the only products in the line. Escada offers aftershave, lotions and body washes for the client who loves to layer their scents for a longer lasting more complex effect.

No matter whether you are looking for full gift sets or are just interested in one of the many Escada perfumes for men and women, you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

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