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Enjoy the Delicate Fragrance of Urvashi Perfume

Enjoy the Delicate Fragrance of Urvashi Perfume

Urvashi perfume is probably a name that you have never heard of unless you live in India and nearby countries. But if you are a fan of elegant and classy fragrances, we are sure that you will fall in love at first smell with this exotic perfume.

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With even just a slight whiff of its distinctive fragrance, it is easy to discern that Urvashi perfume is a product that is created with the utmost excellence of quality in mind. It is made from nothing but the purest ingredients, making its scent noticeable even from a distance and creating a fragrance that can last throughout the day. With just a single spray of this perfume, you can be assured of smelling fresh and nice all day. With all these attributes, you would expect the Urvashi perfume to cost an arm and a leg, but that is actually the best part — it is surprisingly very affordable even for the average individual who doesn’t normally splurge on fragrances.

A History of the Urvashi Perfume

As you may already have figured out by now, the Urvashi perfume originated in India and is now just starting to make its way into the American market. It is manufactured by the Indian company Gandh Surgandh of the Deepak Kanegaonkar Group of Companies. As if the exquisite fragrance and low price are not enough to entice people to buy this product, it also comes with an interesting story that will intrigue you even more.

The name Urvashi might sound strange in the Western world but it actually has a very beautiful origin. It is actually the name of a lovely celestial dancer in Indian mythology. Quite interestingly, the allure and mystery of its name alone should have made Urvashi perfume skyrocket into the ranks of the bestselling perfumes in the world in no time but for some reason, the people behind the fragrance did not wish to capitalize on this story.

Enjoy the Delicate Fragrance of Urvashi Perfume

Expanding the Market Base

Nevertheless, Urvashi seems to be fast gaining ground as one of the most popular fragrances of this generation. It is now widely available in many major department stores, drugs stores and perfume specialty stores in many different countries. You can even buy it from online perfume retailers.

With its strong hints of sandalwood, Urvashi perfume definitely has a very unique and very appealing fragrance. It may be quite different from other fragrances of the same genre so before you buy yourself a bottle, it might be a good idea to try it first, just to make sure that it is really the perfect perfume for you.

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