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Crystal Perfume Bottles to Give as a Gift

Crystal Perfume Bottles to Give as a Gift

Crystal perfume bottles can make a great gift either as an elegant stand-alone piece or a container to put something else into. Antique perfume bottles can be beautiful works of art in and of themselves. On the other hand, using a crystal perfume bottle with modern perfumes can be a sophisticated addition to any perfume lover’s collection.

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Giving Crystal Berfume Bottles

Crystal is a timeless gift that can be passed down through generations. It’s also usual l in an age when perfume packaging is getting sleeker and less ornate.

Wedding Favors

If you have a small wedding a plus is that you can splash out on the wedding favors and provide something really special for everyone to take home instead of just a few chocolates.

A beautiful mini crystal glass perfume bottle that contains an inexpensive but lovely scent will be remembered fondly by guests who have probably had plenty of unmemorable wedding favors gifted to them.

Special Gifts

A set of crystal perfume bottles is a lovely gift to someone you know who collects perfume bottles or adores vintage knick knacks.

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Any woman who likes to keep special and unique touches to her home will appreciate a crystal perfume bottle.

Just like a glass perfume bottle, you need not use a crystal perfume bottle just for perfume.

One of the unique ways you can use a crystal perfume bottle is to fill it with layers of colored sands and pebbles.

This makes an attractive center piece for your coffee table or a very pretty paper weight.

It can be given to someone as a gift or it is the perfect way to decorate your own home.

Crystal Perfume Bottle Makes A Beautiful Gift

Make Your Own Scent

If you want to make a special gift for someone why not create a perfume for them.

Blending different oils and scents to make a unique scent that is perfect for the person you love.

You can combine all the scents that suit and complement the receiver perfectly.

Scent Design is where you can create scents easily.

The perfect touch to this specialized gift is to use a crystal perfume bottle to put the perfume you’ve made in it.

It will look great and it will add to the charm of this beautiful gift. Best part of using this as a container is that it will look good no matter what.

Crystal is such an elegant material that it will match any decoration scheme and everyone loves the simple elegance of a bottle like this.

Make your own label as well and tie it to the neck of your crystal perfume bottles of you have an excellent vintage perfume bottle for someone special.

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