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Buying Essentials for a Perfume Kit

Surely you’ve been to a department store to venture off to the perfume selections. Each perfume, unique in its own scent, and perfectly packaged offering consumer appeal. But is that appeal enough to shell out sometimes hundreds of dollars for your favorite fragrance? These perfume manufacturers certainly aren’t rocket scientists, and making your own perfume can be an inexpensive and rewarding experience.

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First, you’ll need your own perfume making kit. Of course, the retail industry has thought this through as well and you can find several varieties of perfume kits for as little as $30 at some online stores. For those that find this a little too steep, you can make your own customized kit for even less.

Perfumes are made with water, alcohol and the oils. Simple. Sample your scented oils in the store first though to make sure they are exactly what you want. Now that you have the ingredients, you’ll also need a few medicine droppers and plastic bottles for the end product. Finally, you’ll need a handy bag or tote to keep all of your items together. You can use anything from a small toolbox to an old handbag you might already have lying around the house. Some perfume hobbyists take classes on perfume making and having a tote makes traveling easier.

You’ll soon notice the scents available for perfume making are often times the same for aromatherapy products. Lavender is particularly popular in both perfumes and aromatherapy candles for its anxiolytic effects. After a few trial and error experiences in perfume making, you’ll soon find the perfect combinations for the scents you prefer. You might even come up with a completely original scent that hasn’t hit the market yet!

Storing your perfume is essential to preserve the quality. An amber glass bottle, or even cobalt blue, is best to keep sunlight exposure to a minimum. Give samples of your best scents to your friends and family. Their comments will help you improve your fragrances and mixes.

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Once you feel you have a better grasp on perfuming making this might even turn into an entrepreneurial business adventure. Of course, you’ll need quite a bit more than just your initial perfume making kit, so stock up on those essential oils and other materials you are going to need. Another idea for making additional money is by creating your own perfume kits for purchase. Finding the best deals from suppliers is key so the profit margin is at its greatest.

Buying Essentials for a Perfume Kit

By a simple perfume making kit you could be opening the doors to an entirely new business opportunity. Its completely up to the perfume maker whether this should remain a hobby or a home-based business. Even if you don’t have a chemistry degree like some of the big-leaguers, you’re still able to make perfume from home at a huge discount from the retail store prices.


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